We realise some designs & illustations, under a special "Soulful" touch, using hand writing, the PAO tools, type posters, album covers, canvas ... The "Graphic Design" take his place on canvases to expose and in the world of Art !


Have a look on our last illustrations "Hand Made Book"

Artbook "Graphic Paintings" © 2004 Pal Design
ISBN 2-9522023-0-3
Enter the "Pal Design" universe. A Bag'o'Grooves Art-book-music Project, realised in limited edition. 52 color sleeves graphic design & illustrations. Also "Funky" goodies, stickers, cd sound compilation, patch...100 numbered copies. Buy online in the Palprod shop

Buy online some "Pal Design" Canvas (Digigraphie) in our partner web site Detect-art.com