We find, select and spin' as DJ the best music for your projects, events, commercial film...

We officiate as project manager or sound independant A&R records production.
We build concepts and brand identity, or selections for labels & compilation records.
We create, promote, organise events with many great artists...

Consultant, DA and Works for "Wagram Music","Emi/Blue Note", “Vadim Music”, artists ...
Long time collaboration with "Big Cheese Records" where we officiate in DA Music and DJ..

Expert Soul Music for "Orange Group", with the Super playlist used on “Les Boutique Orange”
since 2013 in collaboration with "Deezer" ... LISTEN HERE

Co-Organizator of The Paris Rare Groove Day, Music Festival/Record Fair
the last 10 years ( La Flèche d’or/La Belleviloise/La Machine/Le Café A).

our home DJ

DJ, vinyls collector, passionate about Soul Jazz Funk music, Afro Latin, Rare Grooves ...
Crate diggers, Fine "amateur" of rare 45T from the 50's & Now and obscure albums,
he make his DJ set with the "original" heavy sound vynils! 

Since 1990, he'd started DJ in south of France. After with radio show "Bag'o'grooves"
on Campus 94 Toulouse in 1994 and regular parties and residences.

Since 2001 in Paris, he selects and spin' the best Soul & Funk music in any dancefloors,
with "Bag'o'grooves"
parties and invitations across the planet with the best DJ's.

It provides in its mix a real trip music, an excurssion into the groovy universe,
from around the world with a dancefloor obsession!


Stay tuned with us and our Bag'o'groove show with Mr Pal,
Live in direct on The Mellotron Radio for the year 2018/2019.

Listen Bag'o'grooves#1

Enjoy our music Projects!

Bag'o'Grooves, the music label support of Palprod, founded by Dj Pal,
Offers sounds and objects straight from the culture "Soul Jazz Funk and Rare Grooves Music".

Propose dj's mix cd, compilations, limited edition Stuffs, Reissues of Records,
Tee shirts, Art Book, Posters, Prints for collectors, DJs and all people who love this culture.
We use all mediums possible. Class & Fun in its purest form !!!

It's a Tribute to the artists, musicians and collective from the past for that music
was a real means of expression, a unit of Recognition ...

We would like to keep the deep minded soul's 60's & 70's feeling,
in picture, sound, production, design, culture and society.

The label is not retrospective! A Only word: the new millennium! 
This musical style greatly influence the actual urban music scene
and especially producers of hiphop & electro ...

We would like to keep the scene alive with thrue music!!!
Booking Mr Pal, please CONTACT