Music is our universe! We are specialist in Music Label devellopment, Art Direction & Consulting. We find & select the best music & concept for your project and commercial film. We officiate in sound independant A&R records production. We build concept and selection for label & compilation records. We promote, organise events with great artists. Also, off course, we propose graphic design, create records covers & merchandising. We work in collaboration with various partners in the musical scene. We have a nice records collection, and that is our inspiration !!!



Vadim Music (Music consulting), Intrigo (cover), Orange France (Music consulting Boutiques), Wagram Music (Graphic design), Bag'o'Grooves (music and art direction, cover, djing), Paris Rare Groove Day Festival (music and art direction, organisation, djing), Big Cheese Records / FU Music (Da, cover, compilation,djing), Groove Experience Blue Note (assistant Da, cover, compilation), Hi and Fly records (cover and print supports), Nacopajaz' Records (design), No Name Records  (cover), Orange Events France (compilation et djing), Mobicarte "surfin your mind" tour (djing), Festival Communica de Deauville (djing), Heineken Musical Tour (djing), Play it, Kick it! Concepts (djing), Toma Sony (cover), Le Maquis Résidence...