Bag'o'Grooves is the music label of Palprod, founded by Dj Pal (Home Music DJ) and offers sounds and objects straight from the culture "Soul Jazz Funk and Pop Music". We propose dj's mix cd, compilations, reissues of singles from the 60's-70's, Tee shirts, Art Book, Posters, Prints in Limited Edition, for collectors, DJs and all people who love this "Groove" culture. We use all mediums possible. Fun in its purest form. !!! Oldies but goodies !!!

It's a Tribute to the artists, musicians and collective from the past for that music was a real means of expression, a unit of Recognition ... We would like to keep the deep minded soul's 60s & 70 's feel in picture, sound, production, design, culture and society.


The label is not retrospective! A Only word: the new millennium! This musical style greatly influence the actual urban music scene and especially producers of hiphop & electro ... We would like to keep the scene alive with thrue music !!!!

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